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Kids for a Better Future Announces Project for 2014-2014

Kids for a Better Future will be supporting the revolutionary work of the organization Men Can Stop Rape in the coming year. More information to follow soon!



These Brazilian children have grown up in Complexo da Maré, a community of slums in Rio de Janeiro controlled largely by drug lords and known for unbelievingly high rates of violence, sexual abuse, horrific public health, and extreme poverty.


Update: The Walkathon raised over $16,000!

On Saturday, April 5th, 2014, Kids for a Better Future will be holding its seventh annual walkathon! All money raised from the walkathon will be going towards work with children and adolescents living in Complexo da Maré, a group of favellas (slums) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The children, living in some of the poorest and most dangerous favellas in the country, are routinely exposed to and traumatized by intense violence, often in their own homes, horrific public health, and other extreme conditions.

We're supporting the truly incredible organization Project Uerê, which provides these children immeasurable support, including education, development of critical thinking, and training necessary to integrate themselves into society. In order to effectively address the needs of children suffering from intense trauma, the school has developed an alternative teaching pedagogy called Uerê-Mello. This pedagogy has proven so successful that it is now employed in 150 schools in Rio favellas, all for which Project Uerê serves as a model! Go to their website to learn more about the amazing and critical work they're doing..

The walkathon will be held in Prospect Park, at 12:30pm. Walkers will raise money through getting sponsorships and sponsorship pledges beforehand.


Walk in the walkathon, and get sponsored! And get others to do the same! Email us at amehta@saintannsny.org, or call us at 1-718-623-2611 to let us know you're coming! Print out sponsorship forms and walkathon fliers, and try to get sponsorships! Great way to get sponsorships and sponsorship pledges include:

-Sending out an email to your family and friends, and post on Facebook, explaining why the cause matters and asking for a sponsorship. Remember to invite them to come as well!

-Talking to friends, teachers - pretty much anyone you meet -about the walkathon. Keep a sponsorship form and some fliers with you at all times!

-Going to public places (parks, playgrounds, promenades, etc.) and talk to people you find! Tell them about the walkathon and what it's supporting, and ask them to give you a donation. This is a fun and effective fundraising activity to do in groups.

Sponsor a walker! This is an extremely important cause, and we hope you'll consider supporting it. Every more dollar you give is another step in turning around these children's lives.Either donate online or by mailing a check. (Or, if you know a walker personally, you can give them cash in person.) Thank you so much!

Click here to download the sponsorship form

Click here to download the poster

Print them back-to-front, and hand the flier out to your friends!

For more information or to contact Akash send an email